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Services - Photo Montages / Video Scrapbooks

They go by many names, but are basically the video version of a photo album. These keepsakes can be mastered to video tape, CD or DVD and can be for specific events (anniversary, birthday, wedding, etc) or just for family memories. A creation of a photo montage is a great idea for a family party or gift. Let us create the montage, then show it at your event on our 10 foot screen for all of your guests to enjoy. We create dozens of montages a year for individuals for anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings, as well as for many schools and colleges.

Do you have a digital camera and have taken hundreds of pictures and don't know how to save them? We can help you organize those photos by putting them on DVDs or CDs that you can play on your computer or DVD player. A DVD can hold as many as 10,000 photos. We can create albums or chapters that can hold 99 pictures each, with background music, that are accessed from menus, just like your favorite DVD movie.

Instructions for creating a Photo Montage or Video Scrapbook

  • Assemble your photos (any size from wallet size to 8x10)
  • If there is a specific order for the placement of the photos, please number them. DO NOT write directly on the photos, no matter how lightly you press, you will emboss the photo and it will show from the other side. Use small self-adhesive labels (available at any office supply or department store), number them (while still on the backing sheet) and place them on the back of each photo.
  • In calculating the length of a montage, the average time is approximately 5 seconds per photo or 12 photos per minute.
  • If you require specific music to be played with your montage, you must provide it. Audiocassette or CD (preferred). Remember to figure the number of photos vs. the length of the music. Most songs are 3 to 3 ½ minutes long. We can easily shorten or lengthen songs.
  • Photographs can be zoomed into and panned (moving across). This is particularly useful for large groups or singling out an individual. It also adds movement to a static picture for interest.
  • Invitations, cards or other printed material can be included. Each is priced as a photo. Zooms and/or pans can be added to be able to read the material.
  • Video can also be inserted/edited into the scrapbook. Pricing is based on length and individual requirements
  • If certain music is to be played while showing particular photos, please indicate. i.e.: song 1 for photos 1 to 36.
  • If you do not specify music, we will use a music bed of "studio" music (non-copyrighted music).
  • Our standard video/photo montage starts with an animated photo album that moves onto the screen and opens to either a page of text or the first photo. The book is available in blue, brown, burgundy, black or white, with any color text "imprinted" on the cover. Please let us know what you would like on the cover. Text space is limited, so please keep it short. Also, if you choose the first page of text, also let us know. (see animation below)
  • The end of the montage is a zoom-out of the last picture, to show it as a photo on a page for the photo album. The cover closes and the book moves off screen.
  • Text "sub-titles" can be places over photos or as insert "pages" between groups of photos. Sub-titles are free, but each full insert "page" is charged as a photo.
  • We require 3 weeks to complete a montage, so please plan accordingly.
  • If we are to show the "premiere' of the montage via big screen (at your event), we will master the montage on digital tape for showing at the event, for the best image quality. The copy that you will receive will be on DVD. Other formats available, such as VHS, miniDV, S-VHS or VCD at additional cost.

Current price per traditional photo: $3.25 or $1.75 for each digital photo and is all inclusive. Additional charges will be assessed for video insertion and any non-standard transitions/editing.

Current price for projection service
$275 (only if we produce the montage)
$375 (service only, without montage creation ... up to 3 hours of actual on-site time)

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