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Professional Services . . . for commercial customers and video professionals

KVI Media now offers its services to the professional video industry. For the local professional to provide services without having to own the necessary equipment AND quality services that are reasonably priced for producers coast-to-coast ... quick turn around, too!

Video Projection - PA/Sound Reinforcement

Big Screen Video Projection
  • 1000 Lumen InFocus Projector
  • 10 foot (diagnal) projection screen (larger sizes available)
Audio Sound Systems for sound reinforcement, public address, or most other production requirements.
  • amplification (150-1500 watts)
  • stage/performer monitors
  • wired and wireless mic systems (handheld, lapel & headset)
  • Commercial CD and cassette players

Format / System conversions

Standards Conversion (PAL & SECAM) - (from NTSC to PAL or PAL/SECAM to NTSC)

Format Conversion -
We have, on site, the ability to convert video formats from and to the following: VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Beta(consumer)/BetaMax, 3/4" (U-Matic), DVCAM, miniDV, DV (full size), and Digital 8.

Consumables, Cases, Tapes, DVDs, etc

Ever caught shorthanded and need a couple of tapes, cases or sleeves. Chances are we can fill those needs. Give a call or email.
Small quantities only.

DVD duplication

DVD duplication designed to fill the gap between single copy to the huge minimum order required by the big duplication houses. For small quantities, prices starting at $7.00 per disc. Larger quantities as low as $3.00 each. Fast turn-around, as quick as 24 hours for jobs of 100 discs or less.
  • Duplication up to 500 copies
  • Custom labeling (your design or ours)
  • Print-on DVDs (directly on DVD face) no stick-on labels used
  • Clamshell (polyvinyl), full (1, 2 & 4) DVD (Aramy) cases
KVI Media now has the capability to create DVDs with copy protection.   We use the system known as CopyLock that encodes the content so that it can not be duplicated, ripped or otherwise copied but will play in every standard DVD player.
Contact us for specific requirements and pricing.

CD creation / duplication

  • Audio and video CD.
  • Creation/encoding (various formats)
  • Print-on CDs (directly on CD face) no stick-on labels used
  • paper sleeves, jewel case inserts, polyvinyl cases
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