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16/17 School Year

16/17 School Year Image
This list contains the currently scheduled events for the 2016-17 school year. If there are other events that you are interested in, please contact the faculty member associated with that event or contact Joanie Graff with your interest.

Each school year is evaluated according to the previous year's orders, if there are events not listed that have been recorded in previous years, it is because of low or zero interest last year.
16/17 School Year
US Play '16 Image

US Play '16
Upper School Play "Adding Machine" Nov. 17, 2016

LS Musical '16 Image

LS Musical '16
Lower School Musical "Seussical Jr." Dec. 9, 2016

US Musical '17 Image

US Musical '17
Upper School Musical "Guys and Dolls" 3/3/17

MS Play '17 Image

MS Play '17
Middle School Play "" May 19, 2017

Commencement '17 Image

Commencement '17
US Commencement June 9, 2017